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Employees of our Business Clients Save 10%

If we provide services to your business employer, then you’re eligible to receive 10% SAVINGS off your costs! Employees of our Clients receive a 10% discount for pest control services! In order to receive the discount, notification of employment MUST be made known at the time the services were scheduled, either verbally, via e-mail, or our website contact information.

If we’re not already providing services to your business employer, tell them about this special benefit we provide to their employees that they’re missing out on!

FREE Talstar Xtra granular insecticide application. $126 value!

Customers that pre-pay for their annual pest control services that include a Quarterly service, plus any additional services, will receive a free application of Talstar Xtra for their yards! That’s a $126 value!

This is the product that we apply around your home and flowerbeds, providing a much greater barrier of protection that begins in your yard instead of waiting for the spiders and insects to come in contact with your home’s exterior before they first contact insecticides.

MistAway Customers Save Additional 15%!

MistAway customers can save an additional 15% off their annual maintenance costs of refills by pre-paying for their estimated annual refill consumption. The pre-pay includes the $290 annual maintenance warranty, as well.


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We were one of your first customers after you started up in ’04. Now, years later, we still feel like we’re your only customer! Your team is always dependable & responsive, and your staff has learned from you. As big and busy as you are getting, the service only gets better!

Paul & JoAnna - Constantine Mortgage Services


Gary’s Termite & Pest Control installed the MistAway System on my house. I couldn’t be happier about the job they did! What you, the consumer, gets: In depth explanation of what they are going to do. They are there when they say they will be (Amazing huh?)

Professional installation. Prompt follow-up service, if needed. A product that works like they say it will. An exterior house free of Cobwebs and other pests. Need I say more?

Wm. Brian Ruyle