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Quality Animal Trapping & Removal Services

We’ll trap and remove the critter(s) that’s digging through your landscaping or up under the house, be it opossum, armadillo, raccoon, squirrel, and yes…even skunk!

Our professionals will use a variety of traps and baiting techniques, putting our experience to work for you.

Whether it’s Gray Squirrels or Flying Squirrels, these little critters often chew their way into attics, walls, and crawlspaces, looking for nesting sites. These are intelligent, vertebrates that can virtually go anywhere, making trapping quite difficult and time consuming. We often have to go with the flow and be flexible in our approach because every squirrel intrusion is unique.

We have a variety of techniques including baiting and trapping, snares, and deterrents.

Q: “How long before I can patch the hole the squirrel chewed?”

A: We always advise to wait until we’re sure we have resolved the squirrel problem FIRST! Homeowners are often surprised to find a second hole appear shortly after they’ve just patched the first hole. Unfortunately, they likely excluded the squirrel while she was away from her little ones, or at least, her cache of nuts, and she’s bound and determined to re-enter the house at all costs.


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We strive to provide our customers the best wildlife removal services, hear more from their wonderful reviews. 

We were one of your first customers after you started up in ’04. Now, years later, we still feel like we’re your only customer! Your team is always dependable & responsive, and your staff has learned from you. As big and busy as you are getting, the service only gets better!

Paul & JoAnna - Constantine Mortgage Services


Gary’s Termite & Pest Control installed the MistAway System on my house. I couldn’t be happier about the job they did! What you, the consumer, gets: In depth explanation of what they are going to do. They are there when they say they will be (Amazing huh?)

Professional installation. Prompt follow-up service, if needed. A product that works like they say it will. An exterior house free of Cobwebs and other pests. Need I say more?

Wm. Brian Ruyle