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You wouldn’t allow the inside of your home to become over run by spider activity, so why should the exterior of your home look any different? In order to control spiders, we spray all your eaves and around all your windows, doors, and your home’s foundation perimeter to protect against spiders webbing up your home, garage, and boathouse (if applicable). We’ll also keep the handrails on any porches and decks treated. After which, we’ll remove any webs that may have formed since our last treatment by applying a solution that inhibits a spider’s webbing from attaching to the treated surfaces.

Q: “Why do I need treatment quarterly?

A: Chemicals are manufactured so that when applied safely and according to the label rates (which by the way is Federal Law), generally break down over a three month period. Therefore, we reapply the residual on those outdoor surfaces every three months to renew the toxicity necessary to control spiders and other insects that would gain access to your house.

This is usually a 10’-12’ perimeter spray around the entire perimeter of your home or office and is often necessary for controlling the large cockroaches (some call waterbugs) that are harboring in landscaping surrounding a home. They prefer organic matter and often find themselves inside of our homes by accident. Treating inside the home is only a defensive maneuver. Going after them on the outside is treating the source and yields the greatest results!

This is also good for other insect populations (spiders, ants, scorpions, crickets, grasshoppers, beetles, centipedes, millipedes, black flies, gnats, mosquitoes, fleas, ticks, etc.) that are in abundance around the house and quick control is necessary in order to kill off the life cycle and get out ahead of the pest problem.


Q: “How long does the residual last?”

A: If it doesn’t rain following treatment, you’ll likely get 6-7 days residual. When applied safely and according to the label (which is Federal Law), UV sunlight, soil microbes, heat, humidity, and any rain or moisture will immediately go to work breaking down the residual after an application. Knowing this, we generally treat for a faster knock down and expect to kill our targeted pests within the first 24-48 hours.

Using a granular insectide is preferrable in that it is slowly released into the soil by rain and/or watering, providing 3 months of residual for longer control.

Underneath House Treatment

If you have a pest problem occurring beneath your residence, we’ll spray underneath in order to control the problem. This is an area often overlooked in pest control treatment plans. Many times, cockroaches for example, are harboring beneath the floors of the home and are coming up through the walls, baseboards, and plumbing areas. Simply treating inside the home is a defensive maneuver and doesn’t adequately address the source of the problem.

Q: “How do we treat underneath?”

A: we’ll evaluate the problem and determine if we can knock out the pests with a heavy spray, dusting, or combination of the two.

Q: “Should we treat the attic space?”

A: we’ll evaluate the problem and determine if the pests are active in the attic space. If so, we’ll generally control the pests with a heavy dusting that penetrates all the way to the eaves.


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