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Rodents seem to bring out the worst fears in people. However, when left to the professionals at Gary’s, we can very quickly bring your rodent problems to a halt…and…without anyone getting hurt in the process.


Sure the television commercials and chain stores make it seem easy. Slick marketing requires them to make it look easy or else you wouldn’t buy their products and try it yourself. After all, you just purchase some traps and poisons and put it all out there for the rodents to find and wallahhhh…end of the problem, right? WRONG! If you’ve ever found yourself thinking this, you’ve already misunderstood rodent control completely! Plus, it’s not exactly that easy as you’ve probably already realized. After all, they use mice and rats in laboratory experiments because they are so intelligent. So don’t feel badly if you’ve already been outsmarted by these little Einsteins.


Rodents desperately need the following:

  • FOOD
    Ever heard the following, “Rodents are in your house because they know you have food in there.”? Just how did they know that before they ever entered the walls of your dwelling? There sense of smell? Their natural curiosity? They know humans always have food around somewhere? They follow scent markers left behind by previous rodents? The answer: ALL OF THE ABOVE.
    Where will they ever find water in your house? Bathtubs. Sinks. Toilets. Pet water bowls. Refrigerator drip trays. Plumbing leaks inside walls or cabinets. A/C drain lines extending under the house or draining outside into puddles. It’s not hard to find…if you’re a smart rodent.
    If you’ve ever wondered why they spend so much time in your bedroom shelves or drawers, it’s because they’re full of all sorts of soft potential nest materials. They’ll just chew off bits they need and transport the material to a safe, dark, quiet spot and they’ve got a great new residence!
    Any of these three or some combination of the three, are allowing rodents to either nest within your house or else they are in search of these needs. They’ll keep looking until they find what they are looking for and if they don’t, they’ll move on. And if you haven’t already considered one important factor in your rodent problem, you’ll continue to have them: How in the world are they even getting in?


Our Rodent Control program has four important steps:

  1. A thorough inspection to identify the species, where they’re nesting, and what factors are attracting them.
  2. Creating effective sanitation so that rodents are denied both food and hiding places.
  3. Eliminating all potential entry points.
  4. Reducing the population by applying poison, baits, and traps.


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We were one of your first customers after you started up in ’04. Now, years later, we still feel like we’re your only customer! Your team is always dependable & responsive, and your staff has learned from you. As big and busy as you are getting, the service only gets better!

Paul & JoAnna - Constantine Mortgage Services


Gary’s Termite & Pest Control installed the MistAway System on my house. I couldn’t be happier about the job they did! What you, the consumer, gets: In depth explanation of what they are going to do. They are there when they say they will be (Amazing huh?)

Professional installation. Prompt follow-up service, if needed. A product that works like they say it will. An exterior house free of Cobwebs and other pests. Need I say more?

Wm. Brian Ruyle