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Your team of pest control experts have performed pest control here for over two decades and are fully insured and licensed. Skilled in all phases of pest management, we’re prepared to meet any challenge and solve any problems you may be encountering, from insects to rodents to wildlife, we do it all!

Most importantly, we’re family and budget-friendly. We recognize that there’s usually more than one solution to control a particular kind of pest, and we pride ourselves in working closely with you to carefully explain and weigh the pros-and-cons of each treatment to find the one that best suits you and your family’s needs. We’re committed to identifying long-lasting and affordable solutions for your pest control problems.

We offer the widest array of services in all of East Texas. We’re sized and equipped to quickly and efficiently take care of your problems using the latest technologies and proven processes.

We guarantee all of our services. in one manner or another and We encourage you to spend a few moments acquainting yourself with our services and testimonies from so many of our customers regarding our successes and professionalism.

We cover all of Northeast Texas including the Lake areas (Lake Cypress Springs, Lake Bob Sandlin, Lake Monticello, and Lake Fork), as well as Mt. Vernon, Sulphur Springs, Winnsboro, Pittsburg, Mt. Pleasant, Daingerfield, Omaha, Naples, Hughes Springs, Paris, Greenville, Rockwall, Emory, Yantis, Mineola, Tyler, Longview, and Gilmer to name a few.
We pride ourselves in providing quality work, personalized service and, again, by our knowledge and experience– there’s simply no substitute for either one.
Our dedication to you and our wish to see you safe and comfortable in your environment are unparalleled—call us today to find out for yourself why Gary’s Termite & Pest Control is your pest control company!

Gary’s Service

Why We’re Different

Sure we’re all pest control companies but…we work harder to stand apart!

We go the extra mile to separate ourselves from our competitors. After all, everyone wants to be #1 but few are willing to do what it takes to actually be that. Our promise to go beyond what’s expected and earn the trust and admiration of our customers and the business community are summed up by our creed:

“Neighborly Service • Affordable Solutions • Guaranteed Results”

Neighborly Service means…

  • Listening to your pest, health, and safety concerns & understanding your needs.
  • Educating you on the pests, our safe application of pesticides, and on-going methods of prevention.
  • Being as thorough as we can be and spending as much time on your pest problem as it takes to resolve it! Unlike many other companies, we have no time quotas.
  • Using the most effective means of communication with our customers. We’ll use e-mail, voice mail, cell phones, web site info, smart phones, etc., to solve problems in a timely manner. We believe in “follow-through” and “follow-up” communication when working with our customers in resolving a pest problem, billing problem, or otherwise.
  • Being mindful of our role as consumer advocates for our community. This is our community, our neighbors, our friends, and our families and it’s most important to us that they all receive the very best pest control service we can provide!
  • Treating you like friends and family…you know…neighborly!

Affordable Solutions means…

  • Pest Control is a Strategy, NOT a commodity. The strategy that we recommend will very often differ from what many others are trying. Therefore, costs will always differ, as well. Therefore, because of the phobias, health risks, and potential damage to property that many pests bring, we can provide a solution for virtually every pest problem.
  • Providing you with options: Short-term solutions vs. Long-term solutions. We’ll use our knowledge & experience to counsel with you on the most cost-effective means necessary to treat your problem.
  • We don’t ever want our customers to spend money unnecessarily & we won’t hesitate to talk you out of a high priced solution when there may be a more cost-effective means.

Guaranteed Results means…

  • Our focus must always be on this promise to deliver you the results that you expect. We’ll help you to understand what those expectations should be based upon the service & solution you’ve chosen. However, it’s important to understand that Pest Control is the art and science of “preventing and controlling” pests. Depending on your particular pest(s), the environmental conditions involved, the type of solution, and very importantly the length of time the chemical residuals are effective, we could never guarantee that you’ll not have any further problems in the future.
  • We’ll cater from the intolerant to the very tolerant in providing you safe & effective pest control for you & your family.
  • If we diagnose and you authorize Gary’s Termite & Pest Control Co. to resolve your pest problem as professionally and thorough as we can, we’ll back our results 100%!


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Dive into our customer testimonials and see all the talk around our pest control services 

We were one of your first customers after you started up in ’04. Now, years later, we still feel like we’re your only customer! Your team is always dependable & responsive, and your staff has learned from you. As big and busy as you are getting, the service only gets better!

Paul & JoAnna - Constantine Mortgage Services


Gary’s Termite & Pest Control installed the MistAway System on my house. I couldn’t be happier about the job they did! What you, the consumer, gets: In depth explanation of what they are going to do. They are there when they say they will be (Amazing huh?)

Professional installation. Prompt follow-up service, if needed. A product that works like they say it will. An exterior house free of Cobwebs and other pests. Need I say more?

Wm. Brian Ruyle